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uSAFE is a rapidly expanding cybersecurity company specializing in addressing the prevalent cyber threats of today. Our extensive range of services is designed to cater to government entities, private corporations, and public organizations throughout Canada. With our highly skilled and experienced team, we possess the expertise to assist our clients in identifying vulnerabilities within their systems, thereby minimizing their exposure to various types of cyber attacks.

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Our Team

uSAFE's committed team of cybersecurity experts leverages their passion to design advanced security measures to ensure you are SAFE.

Daniel Abraham

Daniel Abraham

As a CISO with dedicated leadership experience in cybersecurity. With a proven track record in strategic security planning and risk mitigation, I bring a deep understanding of threat management, regulatory compliance, and IT infrastructure protection, effectively safeguarding corporate digital assets.
John Adam
SOC Analyst

John Adam

As a diligent SOC Analyst with a strong background in cybersecurity. Equipped with a keen eye for detecting anomalies and a deep understanding of cyber threats, he excels in real-time analysis and incident response. His proactive approach and analytical skills contribute to safeguarding the integrity of IT systems and data.
Mike James

Mike James

As an adept Pentester, my specialty lies in detecting and leveraging system vulnerabilities. My expert analysis strengthens organizations' defenses, and my proficiency in simulating cyberattacks guarantees robust security for a wide variety of IT environments.
Angelyn Cimatu
Information Security Consultant

Angelyn Cimatu

I provide expert advice, guidance, and solutions related to an organization's information security management by ensuring that the business's data and IT systems are protected from potential threats, including cyberattacks, data breaches.