Board of Directors

A board of directors is essentially part of S.M. HADI Genetic Diseases Prevention Center (GDPC). The board is responsible for protecting registered member interests, for corporate governance. establishing policies for management, making decisions and oversight of S.M. HADI GDPC.

The board is also tasked with several other responsibilities, including the following:

  • Establishing compensation
  • Supporting executives and GDPC teams
  • Maintaining GDPC resources
  • Setting general GDPC goals
  • Making sure that the GDPC is equipped with the tools it needs to be managed well
1Mr. Mumtaz Anayit (Taz)CEO/Chair/Director
2Mr. Imran AliCFO/Treasurer/Director
3Dr. Mansoor Ahmed Mazari (Hematologist/Oncologist/BMT Physician)Advisor/Director
4Dr. Ayesha Mansoor (Pediatric Hematologist)Advisor/Director
5Dr. Nazneen Zaidi (Gynecologist)Advisor/Director